1.  Please call to set up your appointments,they can not be made thru email or texts.  Quotes are given out over the phone as questions need to be asked.


2.  Please Provide a safe working area and room for your car with the doors completely open and room for our van.


3.  Please take out car seats and valuables and large objects that wont fit in a bag,we will bag up your loose small personals for you.  We do not clean out glove boxes or enclosed center consoles,if you clean them out we will clean these areas for you (Dr's Interior/Complete Cure only).We will not unhook hinged car seats if you do not take them out.  We do not clean/wash out truck beds.


4.  We take check and cash and pay pal due at the end of service only.


5.  Please be able to answer the phone number you gave us  for your appointment around the time of your appointment,if we have trouble finding you and we call you and you don't answer or call back within 15 minutes,your appointment will most likely be canceled.


6.  Starting price quotes on our website are vehicles in normal condition,not abused or neglected which require extra time embedded dog hair or excessive sand in the carpets are the most common neglect charges.


7.  Volkswagon and Mazda interiors are subject to neglect charges for neglected carpets.  These manufactures use a clingy velcro type carpet that is much tougher to vacuum successfully.  Owners tend to have neglected carpets in 80% of these types of cars we see with excessive sand and embedded dog hair.


8.  Dog hair is not included in our prices and is an extra charge,if it doesn't come up with a vac and our high pressure air blowing then it is embedded and needs to be scraped out which is time consuming and each car is individually charged usually ranging from $20-$75 with most being in the $30-$50 range.


9.  We do not go into large office buildings to find customers,we call from outside and the customer comes out with the keys to the car and shows/tells us where it is.  Please do not be too busy to receive our call when arriving or when done or pay before hand.


10.  We will use your electric outlet if available,if not we use our generator.  We use your hose spigot if you don't have one we need to know before hand if your getting exterior done.


11.  We are not responsible for dead or weak car batteries.  We are not responsible for electrical problems such as seats,windows,radio,etc.  In 10 years we have had 3 problems with such.


12.  Canceled appointments by customers within 24 hours and no show customers are subject to not being rescheduled or charged a $40 fee to do so.  Do not cancel on us for a chance of rain,let us determine the job can't be done and we will reschedule you no problem.  Please call as soon as possible to cancel appointments.


13.  You do not have to be present at your appointment,we routinely detail cars for customers who leave us payment and a key in there car at there home.  Please let us know you are not going to be present when making your  appointment and have gotten a quote for your particular car to leave us payment,checks can be made out to Dr Detail.


14.  Our clear coat for Boats/RV's/Box Trucks/Buses/Heavy Duty Equipment can only be done above 60 degrees.


15.  Please make sure you have permission from your work to have us come on sight and perform our service.  It's your responsibility to inform them were coming and if there is a special place to perform the service.


16.  Gift certificates are mailed to you in the US mail and usually will arrive within 5 days,your receipt is not what has value,only the paper certificate that is mailed to you can be redeemed.


17.  Season hours are Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm Sat 10am - 5pm,winter hours are Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm


18.  Multiple car discounts are given to fleet customers with 5 or more vehicles.


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Dr. Detail is owner-operated by Joseph Ney, and offers complete detailing services for nearly any kind of vehicle throughout many regions of NH, ME & MA.

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